Automatic active dynamic crowning

In a press brake, the crowning has the task of always maintaining the same distance between the lower bench and the upper beam, constantly.

  • 01

    Lower beam flection detection sensor
  • 02

    Upper beam flection detection sensor
  • 03

    Data management and automatic correction software by CNC

During the bending process, the upper beam has a tendency to flex upwards. Therefore the punch will be at a greater distance from the die position. 

The LAG ORIGINAL MACHINERY system, the G-CS is not based on theoretical calculations but measures in real time. 

This allows the user to eliminate waste of time and especially material. LAG ORIGINAL MACHINERY, with its G-CS system, measures in real time the flection of the beam with two precision devices. 

The two measuring devices, through the CNC combined with a dedicated SW, since the bending begins, manage the stroke of the crowning cylinders placed in the lower beam until the stroke of both sensors are equal. 

Therefore the distance between the lower and upper beam are perfectly equal over the entire length of the bend. 

The G-CS system guarantees, without setting any value by the operator in the CNC, total control of the accuracy and repeatability of the angle, independent of the material and bending position.
There is no need to set any value: the press brake takes it directly from its sensors.

Automatic lower and upper beam flexion recovery system, synchronized with the G-Flex device, during the bending phase, while varying the length and positioning of the pieces to be bent, guarantees parallelism without the need for operator intervention

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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