Our Story.

LAG ORIGINAL MACHINERY was born from over 50 years of experience of the GASPARINI family in the industry of machines and automation for sheet metal processing.

About us.

LAG ORIGINAL MACHINERY offers solutions that are the synthesis of Italian technological innovation combined with scrupulous attention to design and manufacturing quality in every detail.

These values ​​are supported by the best European components that allow us to offer our customers intelligent press brakes, robotic bending systems and integrated solutions with high automation Industry 4.0 interacting more and more with BRAINY WAY 5.0.

Research. Innovation. Evolution.

We continuously invest in research and development for our customers.

This allows us to deliver customized press brakes based on BRAINY WAY 5.0 which are the combination of the highest quality with production efficiency, interfaced with the entire production process.



The Lag Machinery “4.0 iconcept” certified press brake improves and simplifies production in real time, guaranteeing excellent bending results. The technology available analyses the behaviour of the structure during processing in “real time”, thus allowing to obtain a double advantage: absolute quality in the finished product and less effort on the part of the operator. In addition, the use of latest generation technological components from the Italian and European market with very high performance solutions guarantee perfect bending in the shortest time, avoiding production waste.



Improving the world of work, creating new and more specialized positions, redefining human activities in a context of human-robot integration. Thanks to 50 years of experience in the field of bending and the use of intelligent concepts unique in the world, we simplify and speed up the process between idea and product realization for a more efficient production, integrating the complete digitalization of bending processes by adapting the BRAINY concept WAY 5.0.



Bringing total automation of bending and cutting production processes to all companies in the world, through intelligent cooperation between machines and humans by interacting with BRAINY WAY 5.0


Based on Brainy Way

Intelligent technology embraces digital automation to facilitate and simplify all processes from the drawn piece to the folded piece.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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